Hotels, Hostels, Lodges, Camps etc depend on tourists/travellers for them to flourish, for them to be attractive and competitive need to provide welcoming and conducive environment for their arrivals. Their comfort is sometimes determined by having reliable power for their computers/electronics gadgets, sufficient and reliable lighting wherever they are, hot water in their bathrooms, cold or hot food and drinks. Computers/electronics devices and appliances which keeps water, food and drinks cold or hot, depend on electricity which sometimes is unreliable or relatively expensive to produce.   

Whether you want to save electricity costs and/or environment, Ensol team will professionally and innovatively guide you and offer you a proper solar energy solutions for your Lodge, bungalows, Apartment buildings, High-rise buildings, High comfort resorts or any.

Solar  Electricity Solution: 

Whether the facility is off-grid or on-grid, Ensol offers  customized solutions depending on specific pain point of the business.

To where generator are used, we can offer an independent or hybrid solar solutions that will cut fuel and maintenance cost of the generator, and provide reliable and clean solar power solution.  Or we may provide you Solar Inverter backup solution for your critical loads only like refrigerators/cold room, lighting, server room/office equipment etc.

Where grid is available and you want to be independent of grid-power and/or save electricity bills, we will offer you with grid-interactive solar power for self consumption with or without storage.

We also offer Solar PV panels on carports, Solar street lights and outdoor lighting, and  Solar water pumping.

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