The benefits of installing solar for commercial and industrial use, includes reducing carbon emissions, offsets the need to purchase peak time electricity from the grid, helps protect companies from future electricity tariff fluctuations and puts rooftop space to good use. The economics of solar now offer compelling business cases for grid-tied commercial and industrial (C&I) installations.

With either Grid-tie or Hybrid PV system, Ensol offers a complete commercial and industrial solar solutions for your factory, Telecom towers, mining, hospital, Universities/Colleges/Schools, commercial building, Hotel, Real estate, etc. Whether for small businesses or large corporations, craft trades or industrial operations, our photovoltaic solutions provide exceptional savings potential and can be adapted to a wide variety of needs.

Where diesel generators are used, Solar PV-diesel generator hybrid systems is recommended which will obviously  reduce costs and increase security.

Integration of Solar PV System with an intelligent control unit to the power supply, makes existing diesel generators are only used when necessary. This means that a reliable energy supply is permanently guaranteed where it is urgently needed

Cover a portion of your electricity needs by simply producing the energy for your facilities yourself.

Producing energy for self-consumption is worthwhile for any business

Minimise your electricity costs, maximise your independence.

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