Solar energy is a proven energy source in agricultural production and processing; it can be applied  to a wide range of applications; most important ones include irrigation, cold storage agricultural products, milling of grains, fish ponds, poultry lightning etc.

Solar Irrigation: Ensol design and implement a turnkey solar Irrigation pumping solution for farmers, livestock keeper and fish ponds. Whether the water is from flow-river, boreholes, dams, ponds etc, we have a suitable solar water pumping solution that will guarantee reliable and sufficient water supply for your crops, livestock or fish, which then will increase productivity.

Cold storage: Fruits, vegetables, Milk etc are perishable goods and they have shorter shelf life, without a proper cold storage supported with reliable electricity they get perished and causes a big loss to the producer and shortage to the market. With our customized solar systems, we offer a  cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution to reduce farmers vulnerability to energy shortages that lead to loss of produces and businesses..

Agro-processing: We offer both solar off-grid and grid-interactive solutions with/without energy storage for your agro-processing machines/factories that will guarantee reduction in electricity bills and reliable power supply (when combined with energy storage).

In the agricultural sector, and in any project where reliable, cost-effective and environmental friendly electricity is needed, Ensol has an appropriate solar energy solutions which are proven to be successful in contributing to business growt

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