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What We Offer

Project Development & Management

Ensol have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to develop solar energy projects from scratch. From feasibility study, pre-construction permits & regulation requirements, financing arrangement to Construction and Operation & Management.

Energy Audit

Through our experts and appropriate energy evaluation tools, we do energy assessment from site surveys,data collection, processing & analysis, then we develop the proposal and present the energy audit reports to our clients.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

With about 20 years in the field of Solar Energy, Ensol is one of the most trusted EPC company in East Africa and other nearby countries. Ensol provides engineering services, procurement, construction and installation of Solar Energy systems for different applications, complexity and configurations, including Grid-tie PV Systems, Hybrid PV systems, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Street Lights Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems etc.

Operation & maintenance

After completion of construction phase of any Solar PV Project, the challenging part remains on its Sustainability. With sustainability being the core of our existence, Ensol offers well organized operation and maintenance services for its clients.

Why choose us

Solution Provider

Solution Provider

We never impose solutions to our clients, we listen to their requirements, then provide relevant options for them to choose from.

Customer Success

We value our customers, investments into our solutions whether it is through feedback or monetary investments.


We take full responsibility and accountability for the solutions we provide.


We offer honest opinions for our clients which paves way for trustworthy relationship between Ensol and client.


We always fulfill our promises to our clients


We have first hand experience of the solutions we provide to our clients because we use them too.






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