Solar Power Backup Systems



Just refer to some few questions

  • Do you get annoyed when power cuts and you don’t have lighting and the fridge can cool your food?
  • How often power cuts interrupts your daily activities?
  • How much does it cost in terms of time and money?
  • How about burden of work after power being restored?
  • If it’s a work place, what about overtime payments?
  • How much does it cost to run a generator?

” Then it’s Backup Power System you can count on.”

Backup power system may be battery dependent system or Hybrid power system in which it combines various power generation sources – Solar, fuel generator, hydro, grid, wind etc.

Our Backup Power System switches to backup power automatically when a power outage occurs. This happens seamlessly so that the appliances that are hooked up to it won’t sense the power outage. They will run off the Backup Power for hours depending on the system capacity, this allows you to stay connected and keep on working and stay productive.

When grid power returns or generator switched ON, the Backup Power system switches the devices back to utility power/generator, recharges its battery bank and enters standby mode until next power outage.

Our Hybrid backup power systems are designed such that the sources supports each other depending on how much power is needed, what is available and how much will it cost. For example running a diesel generator for 24/7 might be very expensive, as such it is recommended to use Solar during the day, switch ON the generator for some peak hours and the rest use energy stored in the batteries.

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